"Aysegul Yesilnil"  Press Clippings




Sacred animals of 1001 Nights
We’ve known Aysegul Yesilnil with her soft and steamy voice singing jazz standards. Yet she surprises us with her paintings inspired by the tales of 1001 Nights...
Zeynep Sipahi, Swissper 2007

Yesilnil who is also a painter sings her songs successfully with the free interpretation which forces the boundaries she gained by painting the jazz musicians in her works blends the past and future in a modern way.
Jazz, January 2002

Yesilnil as Erol Pekcan expressed as who sings like herself let her audience to live anything can happen any moment.
Cumhuriyet Magazine, November 2001

Aysegül Yesilnil, gave a concert of unforgettable jazz songs from the 70s. There is a huge request for the repeat of the concert at the Is Sanat.
Takvim, November 2001

After Phoenix... What might be Yesilnil doing now? She braids her long dark hair with the glitter she borrowed from the stars wants to gift new albums, new paintings, new songs to the world.
Muge Aydin, Cumhuriyet, November 2001

Again the leading jazz musicians of Turkey are accompanying Aysegul Yesilnil at her concert who is known with her successful works she made with the leading jazz musicians of Turkey since 1987.
Aksiyon, November 2001

Aysegul Yesilnil is one of the distinctive names of the jazz world in Turkey. She gained lot of attention with her performance at the Shaft. Her being a painter is a bonus.
Porttakal.com 2001

of the very few jazz vocalists of Turkey, Aysegül Yesilnil, prefers to sing in cosy, little jazz clubs where she feels comfortable. She is very rarely seen in the concert halls. You need to discover the club she sings to hear her voice.
Is Sanat Music Magazine 2001

A rainbow blended with jazz.
Options, September 1998

Yesilnil’s main target is to open the doors of the world and to offer everyone, she knows or she doesn’t, the collections she got by filtering through ther brain.
Sabah, August 1998

Painter and jazz singer Aysegul Yesilnil opens 10th solo show. The artist’s latest exhibition includes her favourite jazz paintings, as well works based on more traditional of motifs. The focal point of Yesilnil’s paintings is Anatolia’s mosaic of cultures. The image of woman as developed by the civilisations of Mesopotamia and Catalhoyuk and the Byzantine and Seljuk empires provides the inspiration for the artist’s work.
Turkish Daily News, August 1998

Aysegül Yesilnil who draws life and people to melodies with her pure voice transfers the richness of her soul to her canvas.
Meltem Sukay, Sabah, August 1998

Modern interpretation to pre-historical Anatolian woman.
Sanat Service, Yeni Yüzyil 1998

Jazz Women Under Glass
Buket Oktulmus, Radikal 1998

Aysegül who is known with her songs in jazz style carries the inspiration she gets from music to painting.
Kultur Servisi, Türkiye 1998

Little mystical, little legendary, little fairy tale...
Nurdan Cihansimul, Cumhuriyet 1998

There is always jazz in Aysegul Yesilnil’s dreams and reality. She opens a door to people with her paintings and music set on jazz.
Ebru Kasli, Cumhuriyet, March 1996

”Come listen to my paintings” Aysegül Yesilnil is both a painter and jazz singer. She is doing the two hardest jobs in the world.
Zeliha Midilli, Milliyet, June 1996

The base and whole of the life she is leading have been fully equipped by music. It’s a music you will listen from a young woman’s brush who dedicated her days, months and years to listen to and sing jazz when you watch.
Ayfer Tunc, Yeniyuzyil, June 1996

Aysegül who is kind, loving, always refined and elegant is taking firm steps in her art. I can hear her achievements throughout the world in the future.
Yasar Aksoy, Yeni Asir 1996

As how she is herself when she sings, she paints as herself..
Yeniyuzyil 1996

Simple lines who don’t neglect the figure and with some humour catch your eye. Basses, saxophones, bells turn into original forms on Yesilnil’s canvas. That’s why she prefers to call her exhibition as a “concert of paintings”.
Sibel Kilimci, Aktüel 1996

It feels like listening jazz while you watch her paintings. Her last exhibition represents the most mature and original level she has reached with lots of efforts and maturity of her soul.
Yasar Aksoy, Yeni Asir 1996

She is fully keen on her freedom. Maybe this side of her caused Aysegul to fall for jazz. She has another love. Painting. Both of these are tow that she doesn’t give-up on.
Ziynet Atilla, Amica 1996

Facing the twilight with notes and paints. Aysegul Yesilnil is an artist who writes, draws and sings. Her paintings and notes sing the song of hope.
Mehmet Esatoglu, Evrensel 1996

Yesilnil was “Sing Songs to the Wind”... Yesilnil was “Sing Songs to the Wind” with the support of bass player Nezih Yesilnil who is a well known jazz musician. She riot with her songs against being without love, being materialistic, pessimism and war.
Sirel Eksi, Hurriyet, October 1995

A work which shouldn’t be overlooked by the people who believe that they stand out of the average awareness, who have a reaction to today’s pop music with the exceptions, who love pure music and despite all, blessing peace and love, and exist by living.
Orhan Kayhaoglu, Evrensel Gazete, June 1995

Yesilnil couple represents a clean and pure music.
Orhan Kayhaoglu, Evrensel Gazete, June 1995

Aysegül Yesilnil...Kidlike, soft... Lovely, usual, sincere words despite the sugary words forced into our heads everyday.
Sina Kologlu, Milliyet, July 1995

A "breeze” in music... An album whispering warmly “love” into the hearts like Izmir’s breeze.
Ultra, July 1995

It has some level, excuse me.
Mutlu Tonbekici, Hurriyet 1995

Make sure you listen to Aysegül. Whole beauty of the album is in the simplicity and modesty of it.
Atilla Dorsay, Yeniyuzyil 1995

Melodies fighting the mills.
Ayfer Tunc, Yeni Yuzyil 1995

Good morning to jazz lovers.
Cumhuriyet 1994

From jazz world to canvas. Aysegül Yesilnil’s brush is painting people, night and music.
Derya Altintren, Hurriyet, March 1987

Listen to her, she will be your medicine when you get bored with the ordinary stuff.
Ismail Ozpazarcik, Kultur Sanat, Gazete Ege

Queen of jazz. A jazz singer and painter who has been blended with aesthetic beauty of arts, settled in its waters, nourished her soul with poetry, paintings, and music.
Ismail Ozpazarcik, Kultur Sanat, Gazete Ege

”Sing Songs to the Wind” is a work that will take a part in your heart, leave a mark in some way and nestle there.
Ismail Ozpazarcik, Kultur Sanat Gazete Ege

She anchors a boat she got from the orbit of life, steered in the sea of jazz into the people`s hearts.
Ismail Ozpazarcik, Kultur Sanat, Gazete Ege